“Build it and they will come” - those times are over. No matter an incumbent business, a new tech-startup or any other industry. In today’s world you need to get your message across, sometimes in a neat and likeable way, sometimes you need to shock. Messaging is important, branding is not to be neglected and advertising is even more crucial in order to create intrigue. Osiris can help you get out there!


Sales is a numbers game. It’s true, and yet with different techniques and effective strategies and especially a well-crafted offer sales become a lot easier. Lock that in with good marketing and people will rush through your door. Any good sales team leader will tell you that it’s also important to keep an eye on the overall numbers and to have a good Customer Relationship Management tool in place - for progress and reporting. At Osiris we know that sales cure all problems!


Working operationally on a day-to-day basis, people tend to lose sight of the bigger picture. Oftentimes it helps to just have another pair of eyes glance over the whole business, to dig a bit deeper into the numbers and a quick analysis to find new, better and more elaborate ways of doing business. In the past, Osiris helped plenty of entrepreneurs finding new alleys of revenue, identifying new opportunities - often just waiting around the corner, helping businesses turn around completely.


At the heart of every organisation is the people; employees are the ones keeping the wheel turning. It is the leader's mission to take care of the people who take care of the customers. If they are well-taken care of through the full employee lifecycle - productivity goes up. Trust in the company goes up. Profits grow. Osiris knows the drill for different stages of companies; from hiring, to onboarding, learning and development all through to off-boarding.

About Us

Exceptional Solutions for Digital Business Model

Osiris is a boutique advisory firm that challenges the status quo of entrepreneurship on a daily basis. Based on our own entrepreneurial journey, from startup to growth to exit, we gained a holistic understanding of the difficulties faced by fellow entrepreneurs on a daily basis. We understand the interlinks of each lever in any venture, no matter the industry, business model or stage. Driving revenue through unrecognised opportunities, adapting the offer to become more market compelling, re-evaluating markets, defining sales and marketing strategies or shaping the story to become more interesting and compelling - there is no challenge our team can’t handle.

Our philosophy is built upon 3 D’s
Discuss. Decide. Do.


What Our Client’s About Us

‘Our company was not making a profit. Through the in-depth analysis and adaptations to our strategies and communications in marketing, sales and human resources, Osiris helped us turn the business around. Today we’re at 23% profitability after working closely together for about a year.”

Charles Brun

“I was very sceptical about working with a boutique advisory firm. But I quickly learned how effective smaller companies can react and adapt to our ever-changing environment. Lower fees, likely for a better service than with a big consulting firm and certainly more personal.”

David Kremer

"We decided to work with Osiris because of one very crucial detail. They were blunt and direct to the point - without trying to pump up the budgets required. It was an amazing experience seeing people coming with a startup mindset and thus knowing that every single invested Euro counts”

Sarah Friedrich

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